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About us - and the Nursery

Welcome to our internet site. We list a wide range of plants available for mail order or collection from the nursery. We are constantly looking for garden worthy plants be they new introductions or old friends brought back into production and they are added to the list as they become available during the season. We are always pleased to welcome visitors to our family run nursery situated at the edge of the Lincolnshire wolds near the market town of Alford. If you are looking for particular plants please always telephone before travelling to avoid disappointment. If you wish to collect an order placed through this list please give us a few days notice. Remember if a plant you are looking for is not listed just ask, you never know! The nursery has changed considerably over the last few years with new sales areas and improved benching. We are a production nursery producing the majority of plants we sell here. Our private garden is usually open for customers to walk around where many of our plants can be seen growing, please note the garden is closed every day at 4pm.We are particularly proud of the wildlife the garden attracts with many different birds and insects visiting during the year. Many of the plants used in the garden are particularly attractive to wildlife and everyone can play their part by planting at least a few varieties in their own gardens. Nursery opening times from 1st March to 31st October are 9am - 5pm and from 1st November to 28th February are 10am -3pm. The Nursery closes during the Christmas period from 15th December to 6th January.

Wildlife News

The first broods of Swallow chicks have all flown now and the adults have repaired the nests ready for the next lot.We have six nests this time and we think they reared 28 young in total.It was great fun watching them for the first few days as they were perfecting their flying skills twisting and turning,soaring and diving and landing on the greenhouse roof vents and electricity supply cables and all the the time the backgound chatter continues.Suddenly the warning cries go out and the adults mob the Sparrowhawk and the young seek safety in the large conifer hedge until the danger is past.The Merlin seems to be the most danger and we saw him take a Swallow on one occasion from it's perch on the cables,flying through at great speed and then gone.

The Kingfisher has visited the dyke at the back of us where the pipe outfall has created a pool and there always seems to be sticklebacks but lately he has been coming on to our pond now the dyke is nearly dry and the goldfish fry have been supplying his lunch.Usually all you see of him is the blue flash and he's gone but one day I was sat on the bench by the pond trying not to nod off and he landed on the gunnera leaf overhanging the water just across from me and I got a good look at him but one of the dogs came trotting down the path looking for me and he was gone, you never have a camera when you want one.
No owl in the box again this year but the Great Tit is making good use of it again.The Yellowhammers are still visiting us to feed which is unusual at this time of year and the local Starling population seem to have adopted our fat ball feeder as an easy option for a free lunch.The Blackbird population has exploded with nests and young everywhere there are so many even Sal the lab has got fed up of trying to catch them.
We are starting to see quite a few butterflies now and the Hummingbird moth has been with us for the last couple of weeks being fond of Nepeta Bramdean and Agastache Blue Boa in particular, it's enthralling watching it hover and dart from flower to flower.We seem to have Bumblebees in abundance this year with some very large red tailed ones about, again the agastache catmint and single dahlias seem to be very attractive at the moment.

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