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About us - and the Nursery

Welcome to our internet site. We list a wide range of plants available for mail order or collection from the nursery. We are constantly looking for garden worthy plants be they new introductions or old friends brought back into production and they are added to the list as they become available during the season. We are always pleased to welcome visitors to our family run nursery situated at the edge of the Lincolnshire wolds near the market town of Alford. If you are looking for particular plants please always telephone before travelling to avoid disappointment. If you wish to collect an order placed through this list please give us a few days notice. Remember if a plant you are looking for is not listed just ask, you never know! The nursery has changed considerably over the last few years with new sales areas and improved benching. We are a production nursery producing the majority of plants we sell here. Our private garden is usually open for customers to walk around where many of our plants can be seen growing, please note the garden is closed every day at 4pm.We are particularly proud of the wildlife the garden attracts with many different birds and insects visiting during the year. Many of the plants used in the garden are particularly attractive to wildlife and everyone can play their part by planting at least a few varieties in their own gardens. Nursery opening times from 1st March to 31st October are 9am - 5pm and from 1st November to 28th February are 10am -3pm. The Nursery closes during the Christmas period from 15th December to 6th January.

Wildlife News

The Swallow chicks have flown  at last with both nests producing five chicks and with the weather being good they should have a good chance of surviving the summer.It seems to have been an easy year so far for the birds with an abundance of young Blackbirds,Blue Tits and Sparrows.It's surprising how soon they start visiting the feeders and soon totally ignore our presence as we go about the nursery and garden.The Owl's have left us this year but Great Tits have taken over the box and reared a brood of chicks so it hasn't been wasted.We are seeing quite a few Swifts this year which is unusual here as we have no suitable nest sites but they must be somewhere fairly local.
We had a family of Moorhen chicks but Sal the labrador  has had at least eight.Moorhens are terrible mothers bringing their chicks to the pond and abandoning them on the paths one at a time to await their fate! It's amazing they ever raise any young at all.
The garden is becoming full of insects now as the herbaceous plants come into flower,it's lovely to hear the low buzz of the Bees and see all the Butterflies begin to appear on a warm afternoon as they visit the best plants for food.

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